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Poodle Puppies

Getting the Best Out of Poodle Puppies: Hints and Tips to Help You to Choose and Get the Best out of Your Young Poodle

Poodle puppies are absolutely adorable with their fluffy coats and wide eyes.

They are literally a bundle of fur and can be amazing pets right from the first moment you lay eyes on them.

However, you could undoubtedly end up with a handful if you do not know how to deal with the young pups because they are intelligent from the very beginning of their lives and they will take advantage of you if you allow them to.

Treating Poodle puppies fairly and ensuring that they know the rules as well as getting plenty of love will encourage their loyalty.

The hints and tips outlined here are designed to give you the information you need to raise your puppy with all the care, love and attention he or she deserves to ensure that you end up with a well balanced dog.

There are several elements that you need to think about when raising Poodle puppies:

  • Diet – Every Poodle puppy needs a wholesome and nutritious diet from the very start. Make sure that you feed him or her specific dog food, whether store bought or homemade, so that he or she does not get into bad habits and begin to beg for scraps from the table. In addition, you need to prevent massive weight gain and thus also potential digestive problems that could stem from a poor early diet.
  • Exercise – Poodle puppies are alert and energetic from the start and so will actively demand your attention. They will require play and exercise as soon as possible. Obviously walking a puppy before inoculations have been completed is not a good idea but playing with a ball or getting an agility course for your back yard is! Make sure that you leave plenty of time for exercise so that you can make the most of it to wear the little fluff ball out!
  • Love – Just as a Poodle puppy demand a lot of exercise, he or she will also demand a lot of love and attention. You should know where to draw the line though. For example, dropping everything to pick up your Poodle is not a good idea because it encourages attention seeking behavior and thus also bad habits. Provide a lot of love but make sure that it is throughout the course of a structured day.
  • Discipline – Set house rules from day one and make sure that you establish yourself as the pack leader to help avoid discipline issues at a later date. Housebreaking should be a priority and Poodles are usually good enough when it comes to picking it up. In addition, you may also want to try crate training because this tends to be very effective in setting boundaries.
  • Care – You need to begin grooming your Poodle puppy right away as well as establishing good habits and a good diet. This is largely because the coat will start to grow quickly. It is necessary to brush it every day as well as cleaning the ears and eyes regularly to avoid infection.

All five of these points need to be taken care of in the early months of your Poodle puppy’s life.

Poodle puppies undoubtedly need a lot of care and attention but all of these points will help to establish a routine that will ensure that they are content and in good health throughout the course of their lives.

A routine is essential if you really want to enjoy your Poodle puppy and get all of that love and affection returned a hundredfold.

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