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Poodle Breeders

Poodle Breeders: Choosing the Right Breeder to get Your Poodle or Poodle Cross from to Ensure the Best of Health and Happiness

If you have done a little homework and decided that you want to get a Poodle as your next pet then you need to know where to go to get one.

Every now and again you may find a Poodle at a rescue or shelter but this rarely happens as a result of the demand for the breed.

Poodle breeders are the most common place to go to if you want to have a toy, miniature or standard Poodle but you should know what to look for when you do head out to get one.

For a start, you need to have the peace of mind that you have bought a healthy and happy puppy. You can make sure of this by knowing exactly what to look for in a Poodle breeder.

Poodle breeders can be readily found on the Internet or in local newspapers today but there is a distinct need to be very careful when selecting which ads to respond to.

Many of these so called breeders are literally in it for the love of money and not the love of the dogs. Any good breeder will genuinely care for dogs and will want to check you just as much as you want to check him or her.

It's essential that this is a reciprocal process so checking this out should be your first point of interest when looking for Poodle breeders.

Try responding to a few adverts to see which ask you questions in return. Those that ask questions should be followed up with a visit. Those that show no interest in you at all should be disregarded.

Second of all, when looking for Poodle breeders, get as many recommendations as you can.

A quick Internet search may yield reviews from people that have had Poodles from them before but you should also ask the breeder in question for the names and addresses of some of those that have had puppies from them before.

That way, you can get personal recommendations and ask to see the dogs too.

Finally, you should take the time to visit any potential Poodle breeders that you are looking at getting a puppy from to check out the environment that they breed their dogs in. You should check the following:

  • Registration Documentation – All good Poodle breeders should have some sort of certification. They may belong to a kennel club or a welfare body. They may not belong to either but they should have documents to show you from the veterinarian to prove that their dogs are fit and healthy. All records should be extensive and completely open to you rather than hidden.
  • Cleanliness – This is a big thing and you should take your time to check in all of the nooks and crannies of the kennels. Check to make sure that the water and bedding are clean and assess the size of the enclosures where the dogs are kept. Again, Poodle breeders with nothing to hide are quite open about their kennels and will allow you to see everything, unless they have another dog ready to or having just given birth.
  • Health of the Puppies – You should check the puppies over to make sure that they are lively and healthy. Again, check the vet’s records for each one to make sure that there is nothing wrong and that they are having regular checkups.
  • The Parents – Finally, check the mother and father to see how they are. This is a pretty good indication of the temperament that their offspring will have and both should be available for viewing if requested.

Paying attention and being vigilant will pay off in finding the right Poodle breeders so as questions and if anything appears to be off, just walk away!

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