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All About Poodles: Everything You Need to Know About the Breed from General Information to Exercise Requirements.

Poodles are amazing creatures. Intelligent and absolutely gorgeous, they have attracted a lot of fans in their incredibly long history.

The Poodle is an immensely popular breed of dog and has become even more so in recent years given the fact that more and more people are suffering from dog allergies.

As one of the few hypoallergenic dogs out there, the breed and its crosses are in high demand but you need to know a lot more about Poodles before you resolve to get one

General Appearance and Description

The Poodle is well known for its thick, curly coat and it is this that gives it a distinct appearance, setting it apart from other breeds.

Most Poodles have a solid colored coat, which is usually white, grey or black. However, it is possible to get Poodles with patches of different colors on the fur, although these are not accepted into shows.

In addition to having a dense coat, the Poodle has dropped ears, a relatively long snout and a poofed up tail. Unlike other breeds, the Poodle has no uniform size because there are several varieties of the breed.

For example, you can get toy, standard and miniature dogs so it is possible to literally choose the one that best suits your environment, lifestyle and preferences.

Basic Temperament

Poodles are incredibly intelligent and are eager to please their owners.

They are also very sociable and happy dogs providing that they have something to do. They do not fare well without human contact at all and so need attention if they are to remain happy.

Finally, Poodles are very energetic and love to play so do not be surprised if they become fixated on certain toys if they feel neglected.

Care Required

Grooming Poodles is one of the hardest tasks that any owner could ever face because they need regular and indeed prolonged grooming as a result of the nature of their coats.

It is necessary to brush or comb the coat at least once a day, bath Poodles once a week and get a full clip at least once every six to eight weeks. It can also be quite expensive because it may be necessary to engage a professional groom as well as investing in combs, brushes, shampoos and other such equipment.

As such, the care required to keep skin conditions, ailments and other health problems at bay is quite extensive but it is worth it in terms of how much it will enhance your dog’s happiness and comfort.

Exercise Requirements

All Poodles should be walked at least once a day and should also be given the opportunity to stretch their legs outside regularly because they tend to be very destructive if locked in for prolonged periods of time.

They are incredibly intelligent and so need something to do constantly.

This is why they are not necessarily suitable as apartment dogs or for people that are out of the house for long periods at a time.


Poodles are very easy to housebreak and very easy to train, providing that you make sure that they know who is boss.

They will pick up rules quickly but those rules should be applied at all times to ensure that your dog is happy and well behaved. Poodles also enjoy learning new tricks so do not be afraid to try out new things.

Height and Weight

The height of a Poodle depends on the class of the breed you have.

A standard Poodle should measure 38cm or above at the withers and 50 to 55lbs in weight.

The miniature Poodle should be between 28cm and 38cm at the withers and 12 to 18lb in weight.

The toy Poodle should be below 28cm in height and 6 to 9lbs in weight.

Health and Longevity

The longevity of Poodles is quite good with the standard variety living to 11 or 12 years old and the toy and miniature dogs living to between 14 and 15 years on average.

However, Poodles have been known to live until the age of 20.

There are quite a few illnesses and ailment that the breed suffers with though, particularly Addison’s Disease, which causes death by upsetting the balance of potassium in the body, and gastric dilatation volvus (GDV), which is effectively bloat caused by excess gas.

Cancer and kidney failure are also quite common but nowhere near as common as GDV and Addison’s.


The Poodle can live happily with other pets and children but the smaller members of the breed should be watched to ensure that they do not snap when they get overwhelmed by smaller and more boisterous children.

Standard Poodles do not tend to have any issues for suitability with children and so are better for busy households.

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