Discover What To NEVER Feed Your Poodle - Plus Other Money, Time & Health Saving Tips From a Poodle Insider.

If you're serious about your Poodle  and want the happiest, healthiest and most well behaved Poodle on the block..... this  might be one of the most important messages  you ever read.


Sharda Baker,  8.27am   


Dear Friend,                       

Hi  my name is Sharda Baker and I'm bursting to share something with you.

There's an amazing new  e-book on the Poodle to assist you in having  the absolutely best experience with your Poodle. Without having to spend a small fortune and without having to spend hours grooming and training.

Are you maybe thinking of buying a Poodle,  not sure how to go about it, what questions to ask,  how to look after and train your little friend?  

Maybe you already own one or more  Poodles and want to make sure you care for your Poodle properly? Poodles do require special care and once you learn and understand their needs its not that hard to care for a Poodle.

They are  worth every bit of effort of course as they will reward you a hundred fold in enjoyment and unwavering companionship.

 Don't make the mistakes many do  though and presume a Poodle is cared for the same way as any other dog. They aren't and that mistake could cost you dearly in time, money and heartache.

Maybe you just simply want to have your Poodle trained a little  better. A dog that pees inside, chews everything in sight,  "pulls"  on a lead, and barks too much  can take some of the fun out of  owning a dog can't it?  And you know a Poodle can easily be trained when you know how!

If some of this describes you and you would like a healthy, happy,  well  trained Poodle  that brings years of enjoyment for you and the family that  doesn't end up costing you a small fortune  please read on.  I  really get frustrated  seeing Poodle owners ending up with big disappointments just because they didn't have the right information at hand. There is a better way.

This is what happened to me.

I remember the first puppy we bought , Shani. She was a pure bred 7 week old female . Her favorite sleeping place used to be in one of my husband's old leather shoes.

I didn't know then what questions to ask the breeder or what to look for when we went shopping for her. To cut a long story short we spent over $2700 on Shani over the first 2 years for 2 knee repairs  and countless visits to the vet for on going allergy problems.  

If only I had known then what I know today about Shani's  diet, exercise and general needs we wouldn't have had to fork out all that money. and go through that stress.  I guess in a way its a bit like buying a car. If you don't know what to look for can easily end up with a car that is not really in good condition .

Our second puppy "Ellie", we bought as a  puppy when she was 16 weeks old. Puppies are so  cute at that age aren't they?  We didn't know how to tell if a puppy has been socialized well or not.  Well,  we got home with a dog that was real hard work for several months. Ellie was so timid,  barked all the time, was very slow learning anything and took a while to take to any visitors. We leant the hard way again! But wow how things have changed now!

Our last few dogs have been almost perfect. OK they have been to the vet once or twice for their shots but we've had no major expenses in the last 6  years . We did our homework this time and  had spent much of our spare time over the years finding out everything we could our dogs. It honestly has taken the worry and expense out of buying, training and caring for our dogs.

So Then I Decided

To write a book about dogs and share my experiences.  My first dog book  was on the Bichon Frise. It  became  quite popular on the internet and  made me  realize  there are many other dog owners  who have  the same questions as me. It also gave me the confidence to leave my full time job and concentrate on my real love in life....dogs.

I now have published several  popular doggy dog e-books and I'm so excited  to be able to talk about this one on the incredible Poodle.

Imagine This For A Minute.

Imagine being confident that you are asking the pet owner/breeder  the right questions  before you hand over your hard earned cash for you new "little friend". You don't want to end up withanything less than a healthy perfect little Poodle do you?

And when you get home with your puppy, won't it be so nice knowing exactly what you need for your puppy in those first few months rather than "guessing"? Your role in the first 4 months is absolutely vital in developing a happy healthy Poodle. Why risk making the mistakes so many other owners are making and paying for!

If you already own a Poodle   I'm sure you want to know the answers to the common training, caring and breeding questions owners every day are asking?  Questions that if unanswered may end up costing you  literally thousands of dollars and can bring so much heartache.

Imagine knowing and mastering  the simple training techniques that are unique" to Poodles? Having a dog that is a pleasure to have inside the house at all times, that walks well on a lead, that's  gentle with children and is really your best friend without costing a heap of money to look after.You'll be the envy of other dog owners too!

The Good News

I would love to help you have the best possible experience with your Poodle. They have certainly changed my life for the better! I want to help prevent you  losing hundreds  of dollars in health related costs by buying right and just as importantly caring for your Poodle in the best possibly way. The right diet, exercise and care really make all the difference. A Poodle does NOT  have to be expensive to look after once you know what you are doing!

It 's my wish that  you become one of the many happy Poodle owners  who are so proud when family or friends drop in and see their Poodle. Won't it feel great to have your friends and other dog owners  marvel at how well trained, healthy  and well groomed your Poodle is? There's nothing like seeing the effect a well groomed Poodle has on people is there!

To help make this happen for you  a  new  e-book was written "Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Poodle"

In 150  pages I have covered nearly everything  to help you have the best possible experience with a Poodle from start to finish.  It isn't like any other book you will  ever read on the Poodle either.


Apart from spending many months going through every bit of Poodle  information my research team  and I could get our hands on,  several Poodle  breeders were interviewed, plus a dog trainer and a Veterinary surgeon to ensure  nothing important  was missed out.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in  "Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Poodle"

  • Learn how to choose your new family member. Never choose a Poodle just because "they look cute in the shop window". It needs careful scrutiny, a lot of thought and a loads of information from the owner of the dog or the breeder you?re buying it from. It's worth it though as you will be hopefully then blessed the with years of enjoyment! (Discover clear detailed information on what you need to know)
  • Find out all about the characteristics of the great Poodle family.  Everyone who first sees and touches a Poodle asks the same question. "How can the hair be so incredibly soft?"  I can stroke a Poodle's coat for hours. It's just so beautiful!
  • You will be amazed  at what diet your Poodle should be getting and what common food at home can kill or seriously harm a Poodle! (Everything about  a Poodle's dietary needs is clearly explained)
  • Discover why if you?re thinking of owning a Poodle, you will be first attracted to its gentleness, sensitivity, playfulness and loving nature. Learn all about the temperament of the Poodle and how to ensure you "pick" a Poodle that has these characteristics. (not all do so be careful!)
  • Understand Pet shop owners and their marketing gimmicks. The pet shop industry is so well-developed that it has manuals and trade journals that help shop owners with saying exactly what to say in order to coax you into buying from them. Learn what to look out for.
  • Breed Standards. Both experts and newcomers to the Poodle will find our extensive explanations of the breed interesting and useful.
  • Learn the Poodle origin and history (you will be amazed at how  this delightful dog came about). Not many other dog breeds can boast the "international" reputation of the Poodle
  • Discover exactly how to care for your Poodle when you first get home. (Remember the first 4 months are the most important in the life of your dog)

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The Poodle's Insider's Guide ebook includes the following topics;

  • Know how  to groom your Poodle from day one. Many owners use the wrong products which harm their Poodle. (Once learned properly grooming becomes much easier)
  • Learn the importance of socialization of your new puppy. So many owners get in wrong in the first few months and then suffer for years. (vital detailed information provided)
  • Tips for buying a Pup. Don?t be in a hurry: Learn all the important information to save you time and money.
  • To give your Poodle the best you can and to get the best from your Poodle, you need to train him/her  while they're  at a very young age. (extensive proven techniques described in detail)
  • Toilet training. In depth coverage given to this often misunderstood topic. (If your Poodle is soiling the floor there is a proven training method inside that delivers)
  • Learn why your Poodle barks: Perhaps, unknowingly, you trained your Poodle to bark excessively, and now he?s got into that habit. (Learn common causes and more importantly how to quickly restore the peace and quiet!)
  • The number one problem among dogs of all breeds is poor dental care. Poodles are no different (discover how to help prevent tooth loss)
  • Learn how to recognize a good breeder quickly and easily.
  • Find out the surprising mistake many Poodle owners make regarding water.
  • Discover how to overcome fear and aggression in your Poodle.
  • Understand "separation anxiety" and how to manage it best
  • Identify why Poodles require "crate" training: Most owners make this mistake.
  • Learn quick and easy tips that prevent hair "knotting". Saves your expensive grooming costs.
  • How to set up an effective training program
  • What to expect at the vet office and how to ask the right questions
  • And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out in"Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Poodle"

Here's what a few people had to say about my poodle ebook.

To Who It May Concern,

I send all my New Puppy Owners  to Sharda's online Poodle course and  ebook package . It is an excellent source of advice on many of their problems with their new baby.

It is a wonderful tool to help a worried and sometimes confused new parent!

The picture above  is of Sparkie at the 2005 Poodle Club Christmas Ribbon parade, dressed to compete in the BlingBling Competition.

Thank you.

Bryony Hurden

Showtime & Bryhur Standard & Miniature Poodles

New Zealand

Dear Sharda Baker,

Thank you for your web site and the information it contains - I had spent a
lot of time trying to find specific information relating to my poodles,
vets, breeders, other poodle owners, books, then I found your web site and
all the ongoing information it contains.

 How wonderful and how grateful I was at the information you provide - especially the grooming course.

Poodles, and in my case miniature poodles, are different from any other dogs
I have previously shared my life with and I have found I needed to learn new
tricks, have new understandings of their doggy world and behaviors. 

 You helped answer a lot of questions and continue to do so including health, food and behavior. They are the most rewarding and loving of little creatures when
you know how and you have helped so much.

Thank you Sharda. Enjoy the attached photo: left is Suzette (Susu) with a
pedigree as long as your arm and right is Bob (the little fellow) with no
pedigree at all!

Yours sincerely,

Jan MacTavish
Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Sharda,

  Thank you so much for the great poodle e-book and free bonuses.  It is a great source of  knowledge and I have really enjoyed reading it.  I put it in a binder so I have it right at my finger tips whenever I need it. 

A great asset to all poodle lovers.

Susan Kechijian
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi Sharda

We've found your Sharda's ebooks and regular email newsletters very helpful.

It's been great to find someone who really understands poodles, many other dog
trainers treat poodles just like any other breed, which they clearly aren't.

Aside from Muffin learning some cool new tricks, some of the simplest tips
we've learned from Sharda have been the most helpful - and we haven't read
them anywhere else

Amy & Martin Dabb (and Muffin)

Hello Sharda,

I found the book very helpful reading before I got Daisy, which was 2 weeks ago!  We are still referring to the potty training and chewing sections.
So far, no barking problems.


 Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Dear Sharda,

I have enjoyed your ebooks and audios so much. It has given me some wonderful tips on how to shop for the perfect poodle. I am besotted with the breed.

I am especially keen on the Standard. I just had to say goodbye to my Luna. It has been a terrible loss for me, but with your help, I now know that I can make a list of how to shop for my next precious, pretty, poodle puppy.

Thank you for all of the input and guidance in your book. It was very well done.

Electra from Toronto, Ontario

Dear Sharda Baker,

I'm 35 yrs. old and decided it was time for me to have a dog for the first time in my life, and just knew that it had to be a standard poodle.

I started looking around and found a family that had a 6 month old that proved too much for them and needed a good home and I knew mine would be it.

Your ebook book is wonderfully written and I felt like you knew Willie without ever having met him.  One of my friends was also  incredibly impressed with the knowledge that I had of poodles when he came to meet and I told him that I bought a book that had it all.

Your descriptions of behavior were so right on that it put me at ease and let me know what to expect.  Although Willie was crate trained when I got him, your advice with separation anxiety has been wonderful for not only his, but mine as well.

Thank You Sharda!  for providing such a wonderful tool for the owners of this most wonderful breed of dog.  Your site is a treasure find!

Brian Arceneaux

Austin, TX USA


I enjoyed your ebook immensely. You have such a great sense of humor.

As you can see from my attached photo, I have 2 standard poodles and need all the help I can get keeping them in line.

Danielle is a 6-year-old female I purchased from a lone breeder and Jordan is a 4-year-old male I received from Florida Poodle Rescue.

I love them both immensely but they can be a handful.  I'm still working on incorporating a lot of your suggestions and training into my own routine with my dogs.

Will keep you updated how it goes.

Barb Chapman

Brandon, Florida 33510

Hello Sharda,

I have truly loved your Poodle  book and bonuses. 

My Standard Poodle Monet (see pic), was quite a handful.  The training tips found in the  e-book were truly helpful.

I really liked the chapter on understanding the pack order.  I found that to be extremely helpful.

I would highly recommend your e-books to any Poodle owner.

Thank you so much!!

Susan Guentensberger

Cleveland, TN

Hello Sharda ,

I've owned Poodles for over 15 years and have pretty well read everything out there.  I still learned  new things from your e-book and found the dog grooming information  a great help.

Thank you

John Bradley

Rio Grande Valley, Texas

The testimonials on this page are from real people and show the positive experiences they have had. Not every customer can expect to or will achieve the same success and experiences as those listed on this page.

Many customers fail to achieve these same results. One of the main reasons not everyone achieves the same results is that in many cases they may not read the ebook or listen to the audios completely or they may not follow the information provided.

To achieve the best results for your dog, it is suggested you read all of the ebook and listen to any of the audios provided. You will then be in a better position to make the right decisions to best care for your dog. Remember you are fully protected with my FULL refund guarantee.

You will also  get the answers to these  and many more important  questions:.

  • "I have always wondered about the orangy coloring around my Poodle's ears. Is this normal?"
  • "What papers should I be given when I buy a Poodle?"
  • "I had a friend with a lovely Poodle. She told me they can have knee problems. Is this true?"
  • "My son is 5 years old. Is he too young to care for  a  Poodle?"
  • "My Poodle "pees" at every tree when we are out walking, how can I teach him to stop it"?
  • "Should I breed my Poodle, how do I go about it"?

So, how much better would you feel knowing all the answers to these questions and more? Wouldn't you have a much better chance of owning a Poodle that was well behaved , healthy and a integral  part of your family.

That's why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!). Don't you owe it to yourself, your family,  and your dog?

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Potty or Housetraining can sometimes  be hard work and cause stress in the home. You will need to have  patience?and maybe even a sense of humor?as you train your poodle.

To make things easier and quicker, it's important from the beginning you have a clear plan and follow it.

This ebooklet provided a step by step approach to potty training  for both the pup and the 'older' poodle.  It covers crate training, paper training, litter box training, the ball method and the command method of potty training, plus much more.

You will discover genuine proven tips to quick and easy potty training.



bulletFREE BONUS # 2 Dog Training Secrets Revealed" - Audio.

This 53 minute audio is an interview with a well renown professional dog trainer who "has  seen it all".

In this  high quality  recorded audio you will hear how a  professional  Australian dog trainer manages the day to day dog behavior problems many dog owners  have had to deal with. Basil will answer a long list of dog training questions I had put especially put together.

You will discover  his proven methods of managing  the disobedient dog, how to quickly control the dog that barks too muchpotty training in as little as 24 hrs, step by step obedience training,  and much more.

The audio is 53 minutes long. I am including a typed full transcription of the audio as well for free.      (RETAIL VALUE   $27.97


bulletFREE BONUS # 3 "All About Poodle Allergies" -  ebooklet

This free ebooklet explains the causes and management of Poodle  allergies.

It includes the 6 common symptoms of dog allergies, the 3 types of allergies, and the prevention and management of dog  allergies.

Also included  is 15 helpful hints for controlling allergies in your Poodle.

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bulletFREE BONUS # 4 "Traveling  With Your Poodle " -  ebooklet.

Whether Poodles travel with their owners by road, sea or air they require special forward planning.  The e-booklet is a invaluable addition for any Poodle  owner. (RETAIL VALUE  $11.95)


bulletFREE BONUS # 5 "Choosing a Doggy Name" - ebooklet

This ebooklet contains almost 2,000 dog names in alphabetical order.  The names are separated into male and female groups.

You will have fun finding a special and unique name amongst that truly suits your Poodle!   (RETAIL VALE  7.99)


bulletFREE BONUS # 6 Healthy Homemade Dog Biscuits and Treats Recipes -ebooklet.

Why not spoil your Poodle  occasionally with these healthy, easy to make homemade dog biscuits and treats.  You will have a friend for life!

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